Priestess Lisa  - For Men and Women
Bondassage For men and women! (All sessions are one-on-one. I'm not currently seeing couples, sorry.)
Welcome to my web site! I'm Priestess Lisa, the sensually sadistic tantrika.
I offer full body sensual tantric massage that's all pleasure and no pain.
I also offer Bondassage®, a special kind of sensual domination that combines massage with bondage and sensation play. It's great for light players and true masochists alike. 
It's sensually sadistic!
All sessions are based on the principles of tantra. I provide a quiet space where you can relax, let go, and live in the moment. Lie suspended in the eternal now... just for a while. Each of us holds in the base of our spines the power of kundalini, the erotic life force behind all of creation. When this energy is activated and elevated into the heart and higher chakras, a feeling of pure bliss is the result.
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